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By Listening to You and Establishing a Solid Partnership A Strategic Approach is Formulated to Realize Your Dreams and Aspirations


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You have Goals and Aspirations for you and your book, whether to share your story, educate or entertain, you need someone to guide you towards realizing your dreams.

By listening to your backstory, we create a road map well-suited to pave way to your success.

You have full access to years of experience, inside-knowledge and full team support to attain your objectives.

We measure our success through your success.

We will guide you in which is the best option for you to take, so you feel confident in your endeavor.

Our consultation is always free to ensure you a taking the best route to your destination all the way.


Our Process for your Success

We Schedule an appointment to talk to you and align our Vision and Objectives for your Project.

Your Goals will be the foundation of the Strategic Plan that our Experts will custom create for you. Every aspect will be moving towards Fulfilling Your Aspirations.

You Choose the Option Suitable for Your Situation.

We Implement and Keep You Updated Every Step of the Way.

You are a Big Part of Your Success and We Will Get You Involved in the Process. Your Presence and Input will be the Key to Your Success and Long Lasting Partnership with Us.


Marketing Solutions.
That Generate Results.

Depending on your goals and needs, we will craft the most effective strategy to get you closer to your goals

Author Website

A website optimized to appeal to your target audience It is your online store front to captivate readers in ordering a copy of your book.
A well built website converts to book sales and establishes your authority as an author.

Search Engine Optimization

Readers are searching for the next book to read online. Use this to your advantage with our comprehensive SEO strategies to be visibile among queries relevant to your book. At this day and age, this is a very important tool you can utilize at minimal cost compared to paid ads online.

Retail Marketing

Get your book to stores, libraries, mom and pop boutiques, brick and mortar stores with our sales agents to arrange for retail availablity. These are great avenues to sell your book and build your offline presence.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is such a huge influence towards consumers purchasing from businesses. Grow your social media following with our strategic and consistent marketing and convert more sales. Build your notiriety as an author on social media.

Online Store Marketing

Optimize your book listing on online retail stores to be in front among millions of books for sale. It’s a tough market, but we know how to navigate through listing algorithms and get your book easily accessible among your target audience searching for their next book.

PR Marketing

Offline marketing is still relevant today. Your offline presence greatly impact your online authority as an author. What people see on newspapers, magazines, tv and hear on radio plays an integral role in creating value and establishing authority in your brand.

Audiobook Marketing

Audiobooks are gaining popularity for its convenience and ease of reading. If your kind of book suits an audiobook format, take it as an added opportunity to sell copies and expand your audience reach.

Video Marketing

Youtube and other video platforms are the best medium to promote and appeal to your audience. It captivates interest in another level with visual and audio presentation. Fascinate your audience to your book in a rollercoaster ride with a video trailer.

You Need Someone Who Understands
Your Goals and Needs to Help You.


Creative Publishing Services.
To Help You Launch Your Book.

Copy Editing

The quality and how professional your book is critical to the success and credibility of your writing career. We offer basic, structural and developmental editing to prepare your book for publishing. A well written book ensures acclaim and great acceptance among your readers and critics.

Cover Design

A well designed book cover fully represents your book even before reading the summary. It is also a great factor in book sales as consumers are drawn in to an astounding visual presentation. It is a key element in your branding and store presence. Increase your book’s value with a professional Book Cover Design.


If you have a great idea for a book but too busy or don’t know where to begin, a professional ghostwriter can finish it for you. A lot of celebrities, businessmen and coaches use this service to help them get published.

Book Formatting

When choosing to self-publish with amazon, ingram-spark or createspace, book formatting is an important step to finish the publishing process. Our experts offer convenience with the latest software and formatting standards to get your book pass requirements.

Book Illustrations

Need Custom Book Illustrations? We have our artists ready to hand draw and graphic design experts to create based on your specifications. Each finished illustration will be your property and never worry about copyrights.

Print on Demand Set-up

Never pay for outrageous vanity publishing fees to get published. We will help you set-up your account with Ingram-Spark, Amazon or your print on demand publisher of choice. You get all royalties and entry in the publishing industry.

Client testimonials

ForeFront Media is the go to company! They will guide you through each step in the process, always keep in touch with you and not leave you hanging or guessing, and will go above and beyond to help you make your book a success!

Lee Flynn
Author - Word Sodoku

Lee Flynn
Author - Word Sodoku

I highly recommend! I hired them for my ebook publishing projects and I liked their work. Try them on your project.

Jihye Kim
Co-Author - Salespreneurship

Jihye Kim
Co-Author - Salespreneurship

ForeFront Media has enabled me to deal with areas of my business that I love, while knowing someone trustworthy and dependable is dealing with other areas. I recommend them as a VA, assistant, graphic and newsletter designer.

Cheryl Tardif
Bestselling Author, CEO & Owner of Imajin Books


Cheryl Tardif
Bestselling Author, CEO & Owner of Imajin Books

This is a recommendation for ForeFront Media, who has been assisting me with promoting my Coaching business and my new book. They have been working on Marketing, developing Landing Pages, Ads, Emails, Facebook Posts, designing a cover for my book.

Georgianna Rivera
Author - My Daughter Myself: 6 Keys to Building a Loving Relationship

Cheryl Tardif
Bestselling Author, CEO & Owner of Imajin Books