Why is Copyediting Important?

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Copy editors add an important element to the creation of your book project.

These professional individuals provide an objective set of eyes that thoroughly ensures that the grammar and spellings are correct, they establish a book language that is suitable and understandable to the readers. Every professional writers know that skipping this stage lowers the quality of the book.

That’s why it is recommended to hire a professional trained copy editor to take a second look at your manuscript for this phase. An author should never copy edit their own work. People tend to be bias in terms of criticizing their own work. Let’s put it this way, try to imagine entering a competitive event as a contestant and as a judge at the same time. Another advantage to having your manuscript copy edited is the noticeable professional outcome of your book when launched into the market. For example, because a copy editor is not the subject-matter expert, they read a textbook like a student might, and quickly notice when information is missing or concepts are unclear. However, unlike a student, a copy editor has the skill to help an author rewrite a passage. Most authors were happy to receive this feedback because they learned to present their material more effectively.

It is also important to clearly spell out the expectations for and schedule of the copy editor before this work begins. While the copy editor brings essential expertise to the writing process, it is the author-publisher’s or project coordinator’s responsibility to guide that expertise. Having a proper company to guide you helps clarify which style guide and other editing/styling references will be used by the copy editor. Instruct that a style sheet should be created and maintained; review the details of this document with the copy editor. Acquiring the help of professionals not only ensures the best possible outcome of your book, it also makes sure that your manuscript will be put out in the market in its best form.

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