Our Goal is to Bring the
Literary Industry to the Next Level

We aim to bring books to readers looking for their next adventure or Knowledge Resource.
We put our clients first, and we are ready to measure our success through our clients’ success in reaching goals.

ForeFront Media


Work with a Team that Puts your Dreams and Goals First

Our Goal has always been providing excellent service and commitment to go above and beyond to help struggling authors reach their target audience. We bridge a gap within the publishing industry that indie or self-published authors are not connecting with readers due to tight competition or simply not knowing how and without marketing support. Our motivation is to see unheard gems see the light of day and get to inspire, amaze, entertain and educate readers across the globe. We utilize the latest advancement in technology, our extensive knowledge from years of experience and proven effective strategies to help you acheive your goals.

Our Edge in This Industry
Our Expertise, Commitment and Dedication

Experience, Expertise and Hunger for Excellence

Even with years of experience in the Publishing Industy, we still hone our craft and always strive for excellence. Knowledge and staying up to date is the key to our success. We keep our tools sharp and continue to do so, to keep us relevant in this fast changing industry.

Communication and the Motivation to Help You

Our communications with our clients are top notched that we keep you updated all the way. Our strategies are geared towards you and your success in mind, always. We help you by providing options and ways to give you the best case scenario and opportunities.

Comprehensive Support and Solutions for You

We provide all the tools and resources to solve problems that keep you from achieving your goals. Everything is right under your wing from technical assistance, artisan creatives and even consulations. All you need in one call, email or message away, 24/7.


Stay Updated in the Latest in
Publishing and Book Marketing


Our Process for your Success

We Schedule an appointment to talk to you and align our Vision and Objectives for your Project.

Your Goals will be the foundation of the Strategic Plan that our Experts will custom create for you. Every aspect will be moving towards Fulfilling Your Aspirations.

You Choose the Option Suitable for Your Situation.

We Implement and Keep You Updated Every Step of the Way.

You are a Big Part of Your Success and We Will Get You Involved in the Process. Your Presence and Input will be the Key to Your Success and Long Lasting Partnership with Us.

Client testimonials

ForeFront Media is the go to company! They will guide you through each step in the process, always keep in touch with you and not leave you hanging or guessing, and will go above and beyond to help you make your book a success!

Lee Flynn
Author - Word Sodoku

Lee Flynn
Author - Word Sodoku

I highly recommend! I hired them for my ebook publishing projects and I liked their work. Try them on your project.

Jihye Kim
Co-Author - Salespreneurship

Jihye Kim
Co-Author - Salespreneurship

ForeFront Media has enabled me to deal with areas of my business that I love, while knowing someone trustworthy and dependable is dealing with other areas. I recommend them as a VA, assistant, graphic and newsletter designer.

Cheryl Tardif
Bestselling Author, CEO & Owner of Imajin Books


Cheryl Tardif
Bestselling Author, CEO & Owner of Imajin Books

This is a recommendation for ForeFront Media, who has been assisting me with promoting my Coaching business and my new book. They have been working on Marketing, developing Landing Pages, Ads, Emails, Facebook Posts, designing a cover for my book.

Georgianna Rivera
Author - My Daughter Myself: 6 Keys to Building a Loving Relationship

Cheryl Tardif
Bestselling Author, CEO & Owner of Imajin Books

You Need a Partner Invested in You.
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